Write A Music Review-Juan Oskar Releases New Album Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

It is nice to see that there are artists out there that respect the old classics and are able to translate them in several different languages. There are few vocalists that can accomplish such a feat.

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PROG ROCK MUSIC TALK-Progressive Metal Review: Distorted Harmony-Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is the sophomore album that every band dreams of recording.  The elegance, intricacy, and complexity of it has me thinking of some of my favorite progressive bands, such as Tool and Pain of Salvation.

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New Age Instrumental/Solo Piano Review: Roger Davidson-Temple of the Soul: Rhapsodies & Meditations for Solo Piano

Temple of the Soul: Rhapsodies & Meditations for Solo Piano is a good listen for any time day or evening. Simplicity and beauty abound through the fingers of this talented man, Roger Davidson.

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